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Chris ward

Can you send me more info on the BC611s. What fequency do they operate on and if it can be changed. I would like to more about them before I purchase two of them.


Chris ward

If I was to buy four of the BC611's what would that bring the cost too. Also do they have a pull up antenna for looks? How do you key the radio to talk?

Chris Ward

Chris Ward

Radio work well. Can you send me a new radio card for the side of the radio. I have lost mine and I wnat to make some extras.

Chris Ward

Military Surplus

Hi Chris , Thanks for the comment, and yes we will send you another freq card asap.


David Bock


Have you or are you planning to make a repro BC-1000? I really like the look of your radios, but have my heart set on the field pack. It doesn't need to work, or even have any innards. It would be for display only.



Gary Caprio

Are these the same radios that What Price Glory is selling?...If not how are they different?

James Ryan

It's a full functionally radio I mean not only a body but with all elecronics components inside ?

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